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We provide timely and efficient auditing services. Statutory audit is required for private limited companies, incorporated in Singapore, that meet any one or more of the following conditions :

1.    annual revenue of  S$5 million or more ;
2.    more than 20 shareholders ;
3.    any corporate shareholders.

In the course of our audit, we may identify internal control weaknesses in your existing system which we will bring to your attention, together with our recommendations on how to improve your system so that you may have better control of your business.

Private limited companies that are exempt from statutory audit may choose to have their financial statements audited as an audit may offer the following advantages to a company:

  •     assurance that accounting transactions are recorded in accordance with Singapore Financial Reporting Standards.
  •     all relevant statutory requirements under the Companies Act are met.
  •     requirements of Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore  (ACRA), Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS), Central Provident Fund  (CPF) Board and other regulatory authorities of Singapore are met.
  •     enable the Company to go for public listing in the future.
  •     provide a smoother transition when the company may need to go for statutory audit with the expansion of business in the future.
  •     audited financial statements may be required when the company:
  •     applies for bank loans or government grants.
  •     tenders for government contracts.
  •     applies for upgrading of Building and Construction Authority (BCA) licence.
  •     applies for International Organisation for Standisation (ISO) certification.
  •     provide credibility to the financial statements of the company when attracting overseas investors or new investors.